IHS-Forschungsseminar: Kurt Schmidheiny

On Event Studies and Distributed-Lags in Two-Way Fixed Effects Models: Identification, Equivalence, and Generalization


In the first IHS-Research Seminar of 2023 we welcome Professor Kurt Schmidheiny (University of Basel). He will present his findings on important properties and pitfalls of panel-data event study designs.

Here three major findings will be discussed:

(1) Binning of effect window endpoints is a practical necessity and key for identification of dynamic treatment effects.

(2) Event study designs with binned endpoints and distributed-lag models are numerically identical leading to the same parameter estimates after correct reparametrization.

(3) Classic dummy variable event study designs Reichtcan be generalized to models that account for multiple events of different sign and intensity of the treatment, which are particularly interesting for research in labor economics and public finance.

Moderation: Director Prof. em. Dr. Klaus Neusser

Please register for this event at event@ihs.ac.at.

We ask all participants to test yourselves for Covid-19 before attending the event to ensure the safety of all attendees.