Higher Education Research

As the largest higher education research group in Austria, we focus on:

  • the social and economic situation of students and graduates in Austria and Europe;
  • labour market integration of graduates in Austria („tracking“);
  • gender policy in science and education at national and international level;
  • national higher education governance and funding policy

We collaborate with Austrian and European ministries, fellow researchers and other stakeholders to provide expertise and contribute to developing evidence-based higher education strategies in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

Our research combines quantitative and qualitative methods. We are specialized in primary data collection (using in-house developed online survey software) and secondary mass data analysis, e.g. national database of higher education or national labour market database. Using qualitative methods (interviews, focus groups etc.), we seek to add depth and insight to understanding developments in HE at national and international level.

Furthermore, we are co-founders of the Austrian Higher Education Network (see www.hofo.at).

For a short description of the research group and an overview of our activities see our group poster.

Head of Research Group

Bild Martin Unger

Martin Unger

Head of Research Group, Sprecher für Hochschulen
+43 1 59991 133