IHS COVID19 Survey 2021

The IHS COVID19 survey 2021 has been mapping the social, economic and political attitudes and perceptions of the Austrian society in the context of the Corona pandemic during 2021.

The questionnaire consists of three parts:

  • The first part contains items on political orientation and satisfaction with the institutional framework in Austria.
  • The second part covers attitudes regarding several decisions and measurements the Austrian government used to combat the pandemic. Additionally, items have been fielded regarding the impact of the pandemic on the individual living conditions.
  • The last part consists of socio-economic questions.

The first and third part contain mainly the main ESS questionnaire and from the rotating module “Attitudes to the welfare state” fielded the last time in ESS round 8 in 2018. This enables researcher to compare items from the IHS COVID19 survey 2021 to former ESS rounds.

Karmasin Research&Identity GmbH conducted the fieldwork with the following characteristics:

  • 1,500 interviews with Austrian individuals 16+
  • Mixed-Mode CAWI/CATI (70%/30%)
  • Quota sampling (age, education, gender, federal states)
  • CATI has been used mainly for individuals 60+
  • Fieldwork took place April 19–May 11, 2021

The dataset will be hosted at AUSSDA https://aussda.at/ and download will be free of charge.

Download the commented table volume