The EUROSTUDENT project aims to collate comparable data on the social dimension of European higher education. The EUROSTUDENT database provides key indicators on all topics covered by the survey – socio-economic background, living conditions as well as temporary international mobility, for all countries. In addition to the numbers, interpretation of the data (done by each national research team) is available. The research group Higher Education Research (HER) at IHS is a leading member of the EUROSTUDENT consortium and is responsible for the questionnaire development, the field phase and the data quality together with local research partners from all countries.


A major part of EUROSTUDENT ist the realization of a database that provides charts and tables with detailed results. Additionally, interpretations of the national data (done by the national research teams) are available. The EUROSTUDENT Database is accessable online, all the data provided is avaiable for download.

Recent Publications

Please find all publications on the EUROSTUDENT website.