Policy Briefs

IHS Policy Briefs are aimed at a broad target audience. They result from current research activities at the Institute and provide practice-oriented recommendations for political decision-makers, but also offer comprehensible background information for the media and the interested public.

Policy Briefs also highlight the broad interdisciplinary research at the IHS. They deal, for instance, with the social and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Austrian tax system, the regulation of urban transport or the challenges facing education policy - to name but a few.

Recent Policy Briefs

The energy transition requires a large number of skilled workers with a technical apprenticeship qualification. This demand cannot be met by the…
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The CO2 price is intended to finally get Austria on track toward its climate goals. However, it does not enter a vacuum. Climate-damaging subventions…
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The CO2 price in Austria is rather low in international comparison. Moreover, it is too low to reflect the costs of climate change or to effectively…
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A recent IHS Policy Brief provides several recommendations for the prevention of plagiarism at Austrian universities and higher education…
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List of Policy Briefs

All Policy Briefs at IHS are licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 and can be read and downloaded at the Institutional Repository.