IHS offers social scientific and economic expertise in areas that are of crucial and lasting importance for maintaining a thriving society in Austria and Europe: continuing and expanding prosperity, efficient public services, and democratic legitimacy of socio-political decisions.

The Institute is well-known for periodical research output, such as the Austrian contribution to the European Social Survey, the quarterly Economic Forecast, the triannual National Report on Education, and the annual Student Social Survey, and aligns its research strategy along present and future societal challenges. For this, the Institute is ideally suited, covering a range of disciplines and topics in the social sciences, and offering a unique breadth of methods (in particular: causal identification of effects, triangulation, dealing with big data, evaluation of policy actions and programs, experiments in the social sciences).

Annual Theme 2021

Towards More Resilience: Diversity and Literacy

In 2021, IHS puts resilience in the centre of its annual theme. Resilience has become a key feature of policy making. To make a society more resilient requires diversification of resources and logistics, but also different points of view (diversity). Another feature is the ability to grasp the increasingly complex fabric of social relationships and path-dependencies that our society is constituted upon, and to comprehend its abstract expressions in terms of economic and scientific literacies.

Where do we stand in terms of diversity and literacy? Are our current achievements sufficient to build a more resilient society? Which policies are need to increase resilience? To what extent are diversity and literacy complements for achieving resilience?