IHS Economics Series

The IHS Economics Working Paper Series publishes original research papers on topics from all fields of economics, particularly from the three main fields of macroeconomics, microeconomics, and econometrics. The nature of contributions may range from model-based and theoretical to data-based and empirical. The series assists in the fast dissemination of research in the academic community. Each paper is subject to a review process.
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IHS Political Science Series

The IHS Political Science Working Paper Series is dedicated to up-to-date political science analysis both in academic terms as well as in policy terms. The series disseminates research relevant to all fields of political science and provides conceptual and empirical original work. The Working Papers are published to stimulate discussion and contribute to the advancement of our knowledge in politics. Each paper is subject to a review process.
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IHS Sociology Series

The IHS Sociology Working Paper Series focuses on the analysis of current societal issues based on empirical evidence and theoretical reflection. The contributions address both, readers with an academic orientation as well as a more policy-oriented readership. The peer-reviewed papers are dedicated to stimulate public and academic discourses.
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Health System Watch

Current research findings of the research group ‘Health Economics and Health Politics’ have been presented in ‘Health System Watch’ (HSW) since 1999. Published quarterly, it covers a wide range of health-related topics with an Austrian but also international perspective. Health System Watch is a supplement to the journal ‘Soziale Sicherheit‘ (Social Security) published by of the Main Association of Austrian Social Insurance Institutions.
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Empirical Economics Journal

Academic Journal of the Institute for Advanced Studies, coordinated and edited by Robert M. Kunst,  founded by Erhard Fürst in 1976.
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IHS Policy Brief

IHS researchers presenting their opinions on current topics in the fields of economics, politics, labour, health, technology and education.
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Annual Reports

Of the IHS starting from 2015
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