The Institute for Advanced Studies – a 60-year history

The Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna was founded on the initiative of two prominent social scientists. Paul F. Lazarsfeld and Oskar Morgenstern had emigrated from politically unstable Austria to the United States in the 1930s and had made academic careers there. In the late 1950s, they convinced the Ford Foundation and the Austrian federal government to establish the institute outside the established universities.

The Institute for Advanced Studies and Scientific Research (IHS) was officially founded in late January 1963. The history of the Institute has been eventful (see anniversary blog post), but two themes have remained constant: It became the place for empirical social and economic research in Austria. And it has provided generations of economists, sociologists and political scientists with the latest methodological knowledge and theoretical innovations to this day.
In summer 2015, IHS moved from its old location: the institute is now housed in Palais Strozzi in Vienna's eighth district. Today, about one hundred scientists, organized in interdisciplinary research groups, conduct research on topics such as public finance, health policy, labor market and social policy, technology and science, and education and higher education.

Publications on the Institute's History

Various publications have shed light on the history of the IHS. The following is a brief and incomplete overview.

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Slavtscho Sagoroff (1962–1965)

Oskar Morgenstern (1965–1966)

Walter Toman (1966)

Ernst Florian Winter (1967–1968)

Gerhard Bruckmann (1968–1973)

Gerhard Schwödiauer (1973–1979)

Anatol Rapoport (1980–1983)

Hans Seidel (1984–1991)

Bernhard Felderer (1991–2012)

Christian Keuschnigg (2012–2014)

Sigurd Höllinger (2015–2016)

Thomas Czypionka (a.i.) (2016)

Martin Kocher (2016–2021)

Klaus Neusser (a.i.) (2022–2023)

Holger Bonin (2023–present)