In a cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, students exhibit their artworks at the Plais Strozzi. IHS is committed to promoting young artists, which is pursued in the Kunst@IHS series.

Kunst@IHS was initiated in 2017 by Melissa Lumbroso, who also curated four exhibitions through 2021.

Current exhibition

We are inside

The new exhibition in the rooms of the IHS shows young artists who deal with questions of sustainability in different ways. The title "we are inside" refers to the increasingly clear realisation that everything is interrelated and that we urgently need major transformations and changes to ensure a good life on the planet. The artistic works on display create new images and narratives, they bring us into contact with reality, fantasy and contradiction and enable communication both internally and externally.

The exhibition was opened in a vernissage on 17 October.

Vernissage, 17 October

Past exhibitions

2022–2023: There is no option?

2019-2020: Irena Eden and Stijn Lernout

Fall 2018/Spring 2019: Anja Manfredi

Spring 2018: Payer Gabriel

Fall 2017: Sophie Dvořák