Research Platform: Gender and Diversity

Women, gender and diversity research has a long tradition at the IHS and is anchored in several research groups as a thematic focus.

The platform links researchers who, in the context of the research groups established at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS), work on issues of gender and diversity, internally and beyond. The aim of the platform is to present the results of gender and diversity research at the IHS and to strengthen the integration of the gender dimension into the research topics represented at the IHS. This objective is to be supported by the exchange organised through the platform (lectures, workshops and conferences) with national and international experts.

The platform refers to a theory-based understanding of gender as a "social gender" that is socially constructed and structurally effective. In an intersectional understanding, gender is always understood as interwoven with other dimensions of diversity, such as the socioeconomic status and level of education, race, religion or belief, physical and mental condition or age. The economic and social situation of LGBTTIQs (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, transgender, intersex and queer/questioning people) is addressed in several research projects.

Current Research Projects

Evaluation of the allocation practice of special educational needs (SPF) in Austria

Project funded by Universität Graz in cooperation with teacher training colleges Vorarlberg, Salzburg, Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Vienna, Burgenland, Styria und Carinthia, KPH Edith Stein, PH Augustinum, Universities Innsbruck, Vienna and Graz, IHS project leader: Gabriele Pessl, 2022-2023


Gender Equality Network to Develop ERA Communities To coordinate Inclusive and sustainable policy coordinatiON, project coordinated by Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (ISAS) and funded in Horizon Europe 2020, IHS project leader: Angela Wroblewski, 2022-2025

Gender Mainstreaming in public policy and budget processes

Project coordinated by Expertise France and funded by the European Commission, DG Reform, IHS project leader: Angela Wroblewski, 2022-2024.

HearMeOut – Gender and Online-Meetings

project funded by AK digifonds, IHS project leader: Laura Wiesböck, 2023-2024

Monitoring and accompanying the implementation of the recommendations of the Austrian Higher Education Conference on "Broadening Gender Competence in Higher Education Processes" in higher education institutions and in the BMBWF

Project funded by the BMBWF – Bundesministerium für Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung, in cooperation with Anke Lipinsky – GESIS (, Birgit Buchinger – Solution (, IHS project leader: Angela Wroblewski, 2021-2023

Smart Working – Promoting Women in Leadership

in cooperation with University of Vienna, Technical University Vienna, project funded by AK digifonds, IHS project leader: Andrea Leitner, 2021-2023

Facts, figures and data on gender equality in Austria.

Project funded by the Austrian Federal Chancellery, in cooperation with WIFO, L&R Sozialforschung, prospect. IHS project leader: Andrea Leitner, 2023.

Recent Publications


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