IHS - People

People at IHS in alphabetical order:

  • Born 1969 in Vienna, studied Sociology at the University of Vienna (1990-1994), doctoral studies in Sociology at the University of Vienna (1994-1996). Postgraduate course in Sociology at the IHS (1996-1998). Postgraduate Diploma in Social Science Data Analysis (University of Essex, UK, 2004), Master Studies at the University of Essex in Social Science Data Analysis (2004-2006) Since 1998 member of the academic staff at the IHS. Lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and the University of Vienna.

  • Main areas of research

    (Higher) education research with a focus on question about gender, evaluation of equal policy in science, education and labour market, qualitative and quantitative methods and their triangulation.

    Bildungs- und Hochschulforschung mit Fokus auf Gender-Fragestellungen, Evaluation von Gleichstellungspolitiken im Bereich Wissenschaft, Bildung und Arbeitsmarktpolitik. Quantitative und qualitative Methoden bzw. deren Triangulation.