Doctoral College

The Doctoral College supports early stage career scientists (Junior Researchers) working at the institute. Junior Researchers come from different areas of economic and social research; they are expected to pursue a study with formal PhD graduation at a university, while being fully integrated in research projects at IHS.

While having a supervisor at their respective university, every Junior Researcher is also guided by a mentor at IHS. Mentors at IHS are experienced researchers who are dedicated to support the dissertation project of their mentee. All mentors at the institute form the IHS Faculty.

IHS is also cooperating in several doctoral schools and international training networks:

Post-Crisis Legitimacy of the European Union (PLATO)

PLATO is a European Training Network for 15 PhD candidates of several leading research institutions and universities, funded under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions.

Vienna Graduate School of Economics

Members of IHS supervise students at Vienna Graduate School of Economics (VGSE). For more information, please visit the VGSE.

Vienna Graduate School of Finance

The Institute for Advanced Studies in cooperation with the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Economics and Business offers a PhD in Finance. For more information, please visit the VGSF.