Health and the Economy

The research initiative is dedicated to the interweaving of health and the economy and the analysis of these relationships at national and regional level as well as the relationship between health, climate, and environment.

On the basis of existing preparatory work, modelling and analysis tools will be created to examine, for example, the consequences of ageing or investment in health, and their impact on economic output and public finances. Analytical instruments such as the health satellite account for mapping health-related economic activity, the "forward linkages" in the sense of health as input for the economy in combination with the TAXLAB model can be used to simulate not only the impact of pandemics on the economy, but also the effect  of environmental and climate change.

Focus: Health, Economy and Environment

The health of the population is closely linked to economic activities and environmental aspects.  Climate and environmental changes have an impact on health status and health costs, as well as on national and regional development. Conversely, health can also affect the environment, as we can observe in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. From this perspective, a number of synergies and relevant research questions arise, which are addressed in this research theme.