History of Palais Strozzi

Countess Maria Katharina Strozzi acquired a part of the peripheral Lerchenfeld settlement of Vienna and erected a Palais there around 1700. The original one-storey palace with its spacious garden was intended as a summer residence. 

The Countess died in 1714. The building subsequently changed hands several times and underwent many modifications and extensions, including a broad open staircase at the rear wing leading directly up to the first floor. 

In 1840 the City of Vienna purchased the edifice and turned it into a Girls’ Boarding School. The building was enlarged and a front wing was added to prevent contact with the officers and soldiers of the Reiterkaserne (cavalry barracks) across the street – for the 80 girls of the boarding school this wing was off-limits! In 1877 the wing was torn down, the first inner courtyard was designed and the present front wing was constructed. 

In 1919 the girls’ boarding school moved across town to the third district of Vienna. Due to a lack of transport facilities each girl had to carry her own chair from the premises to the new school building. From 1919 to 1940 the municipality’s Disabled Relief was located in the Palais building and from 1940 right up until 2012 it housed the Tax Office for Vienna’s 8th district. The Federal Monuments Authority put a preservation order on the building.

In 2015 the Institute for Advanced Studies relocated 2 km across town into the erstwhile Palais Strozzi.

Guided Tours

The municipal district office of Josefstadt organizes guided tours through the Palais and the Strozzi premises on a regular basis. Write to post(at)bv08.wien.gv.at or call +43 1 4000 80115 to learn more about upcoming dates and to register for the next tour.