This page is dedicated to the employees of the IHS, who will be introduced via short interviews on a monthly basis. The Interviews focus on the personal as well as the academic background of the people constituting the IHS. Older articles will be archived and are accessible on this page.

Johannes Starkbaum

Johannes Starkbaum has been at IHS since 2018. In the IHS research group Techno-Science and Societal Transformation he is working on participatory and sustainable innovation processes. 

Christian Neubauer

Christian Neubauer is a political scientist and part of the IHS research group European Governance and Public Finance. His research interests include public opinion, voting behavior and party politics.

Anna Durnová

Anna Durnová currently works as an Elise Richter Research Fellow at the competence center Insight Austria. In her work, she is primarily concerned with the interplays between emotions and knowledge in politics.

Miriam Reiss

Miriam Reiss has already been at the IHS since 2013. As a member of the research group Health Economics and Health Policy, the last couple of weeks were particularly interesting for her.

Richard Sellner

Richard Sellner has been at IHS for more than 10 years and has also been a member of the Economic Forecast Group for almost a year. He is part of the Macroeconomics and Economic Policy research group. In the Spotlight interview, he talks about his research interests and home office routine in times of the corona crisis.

Sarah Lappöhn

Sarah Lappöhn works in the research group Companies, Industries, Regions on regional studies. In her doctoral thesis she focuses on Brazil and examines the effects of different agricultural systems on different dimensions of poverty and inequality.

Vlasta Zucha

Sociologist Vlasta Zucha joined IHS in fall 2019 and works in the research group Higher Education Research. Before joining IHS she gained seven years of experience as project manager at Statistik Austria. 

Stefan Vogtenhuber

Stefan Vogtenhuber is an educational sociologist and part of the research group in_Equality and Education. He deals with educational processes and the outcomes of education and is part of IHS since 2004.

Elisabeth Frankus

Elisabeth Frankus is a Senior Researcher at the IHS research rroup Techno-Science and Societal Transformation and works on fostering responsible research and innovation, participation and the mobility of the future. Since this year, she is also coordinating the research platform Science Goes Public.

Karin Schönpflug

Karin Schönpflug is part of the competence center Security and Stability and recently published a study on gender pricing in Austria.

Marcel Fink

Marcel Fink, member of the research group Labour Market and Social Policy, works on issues of social policy in all its varieties and consequently deals with the question of what changes in social policy mean for social participation and inclusion.

Axel Sonntag

Axel Sonntag works as a senior researcher with Insight Austria in the field of behavioural economics.

Susanne Forstner

Susanne Forstner is part of the research group European Governance and Public Finance and currently involved in a EU-project that assesses the impacts of global trends on the tax system.

Sebastian Koch

Sebastian Koch works in the research group Macroeconomics and Economic Policy and specializes in the issues of pricing and inflation.

Bianca Thaler

Bianca Thaler works in the reserach group Higher Education Research, in a current project she deals with the tracking of Students at nine Universities.

Jan Kluge

Jan Kluge studied economics in Dresden and focuses on issues regarding regional economy. He is part of the research group Companies, Industries, Regions and recently published a Policy Brief dealing with regulations in the passenger transport business.

Markus Kraus

Markus Kraus is a member of IHS since 15 years and works at the research group Health Economics and Health Policy. He is currently involved with an EU-funded project regarding integrated care for people with multimorbidity.

Nadia Steiber

Nadia Steiber joined the IHS at the beginning of 2018 and works in the research group in_Equality and Education on the topics of education, labor market and social inequality. At the moment she is involved in multiple projects including labor market integration of migrants in Austria and social progress in education and work.

Dagmar Rychnovská

Dagmar Rychnovská joined the IHS as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at the beginning of May 2018 and will be working for two years with the research group Techno-Science and Societal Transformation. She holds a Ph.D. in International Relations and specializes in Security Studies.