Press Releases

Climate Change Map Austria: Driving Forces and Next Steps

Climate protection and sustainability are the most pressing challenges of our time - and hardly anyone openly doubts that there is an enormous need for action. In a recent study, researchers from the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) and Karmasin Research&Identity looked at why so few concrete measures are being taken: They mapped all relevant stakeholders and institutions in Austria on a "climate change map" and identified driving and restraining forces as well as their power potential from an objective perspective.

COVID-19: Experts call for a common strategy for Europe

How can Europe overcome the COVID 19 pandemic and what strategies and risks should be considered? These questions were addressed by 24 experts from all over Europe in a detailed situation analysis for the coming months and years.

COVID-19: Challenges will remain

More than 30 scientists have taken a look at the future of the COVID-19 pandemic in the renowned journal The Lancet. The Conclusion: The virus and its effects will be with us for a long time.

Findings for population-wide COVID-19 testing strategy

In a study conducted in cooperation between researchers from the University of Oxford, Queen Mary University London, the Medical University of Graz and the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS), the diagnostic accuracy of antigen tests (lateral flow tests, LFT) in general medical practice was investigated in comparison to the PCR test in the same group of patients in Austria. The results show that the LF test rapidly indicates viral infestation: both in the early stages of infection, at the onset of symptoms and also at low CT levels. A 95 % match with PCR is achieved for positive results and 89 % for negative results.

Four research initiatives and start of talks on new director

Based on the proposals of the selection committee, the IHS board of trustees of has decided to start negotiations with the renowned economist Lars Feld about the scientific directorship of the Institute for Advanced Studies. "The aim is to finalise the negotiations quickly in order to be able to welcome Lars Feld to the Institute in autumn," explains IHS President Franz Fischler.

Candidate Hearings for the Director of IHS Completed

The hearings for the replacement of the director took place today at IHS with the five candidates remaining on the shortlist. The Appointment Commission will now submit a three-person proposal to the IHS Board of Trustees of, outlining the assessment of the candidates' suitability. The new scientific director of the Institute will be appointed at the next meeting of the Board of Trustees on 30 June 2021.

Initiative for Creating an Independent National Medical Data Centre

What sould be done with Austria's medical data in order to guarantee up-to-date health care, to be able to use it to plan the health system, the labour market and the common good at the highest standards of cyber security and to achieve minimally invasive control in the event of an epidemic? National health data are of central and overriding relevance.

IHS invites applications for new scientific director

The IHS Board of Trustees decides, at the suggestion of its president Franz Fischler, to call for applications for the position of scientific director.