Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union: How resilient, how future-proof is it today?

Speaker: Martin Selmayr

On October 18th we welcomed Martin Selmayr, Head of Representation of the European Commission in Austria, at IHS where he held the annual Heinrich Neisser Lecture. His speech dealt with the resilience and future-proofness of Europe's Economic and Monetary Union. After the welcome addresses by Klaus Neusser, Scientific Director IHS and Franz Fischler, President IHS, he gave an insightful presentation, followed by a lively debate which was moderated by IHS senior researcher Katrin Auel.

We are particularly pleased that the interest in the event was very high and the lecture hall was full of high-ranking guests. A recording of this year's Heinrich Neisser Lecture will be available online shortly. You can find a few selected pictures of the event below.

Recording of the event

The Heinrich-Neisser-Lecture

is a public lecture series held once a year at IHS to discuss economic and social science issues with socio-political relevance. It is named in honor of Univ. Prof. Dr. Heinrich Neisser, who held top political positions in Austria, researched and taught as a social scientist at various universities, and played a key role in determining the fate of the Institute for many years as President of the IHS.