Ekaterina Osipova

  • Education and Employment
+43 1 59991 281
Bild Ekaterina Osipova
  • Ekaterina Osipova is a researcher in the QUEERDEM project at the Education and Employment research group (EQUI).

    They are also a PhD student in the Human Computer Interaction Group at TU Wien. Ekaterina's dissertation explores how different forms of intimacy materialize within digital interactions with a specific focus on their implications for queer and crip bodies and practices.

    As a transdisciplinary researcher, Ekaterina is always on the lookout for new, accessible approaches to knowledge production in order to highlight marginalized life realities and perspectives. Ekaterina's research interests include gender and sexuality, understandings of health and the body, and critical design. Ekaterina completed a master's degree in science and technology studies.