Urban Solutions and Smart City Development

Robert Braun has been invited to talk on a panel about Urban Solutions and Smart City Development at the Forum on Building Sustainable Democracies.

Braun, a member of the IHS research group Science-Technology and Social Transformation will take part in the conference together with mayors and other leaders of the sustainable and just transition on 17 September in Budapest. The event will include Leonore Gewessler, Austrian Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Transport, Mayors of Gdansk, Bratislava, Prague, Warsaw, Mannheim, Barcelona and Frankfurt, city councillors including Omar Al-Rawi from the city of Vienna, as well as scholars, directors of global think tanks, global climate and human rights activists and scholars from leading US and European universities. The aim of the Forum, planned to be held every year, is to suggest strategic policy alternatives for urban transitions that are sustainable, democratic and just.

Conference Website