Publication: Radical reflexivity, experimental ontology and RRI

In this paper IHS Senior Researcher Robert Braun argues that for addressing problems with novel technological innovations and their social impacts a more radical shift is required. The current view of the social sciences (and most of the natural sciences as well) is of a static outside, an observer independent and “objectively” conceived world. This paper offers a detailed analysis, embedded in Science and Technology Studies, of in what manner current technology-critical discourse builds on this outdated worldview. Robert discusses how quantum theory may be utilized to better understand such social challenges. The paper introduces the concept of “lyceology” (Greek: for solutionism) – mobilizing science to convince policy makers and the public that the present possesses some form of lack that should be addressed with a new technology. The paper suggests possible alternative pathways of conceiving research and innovation practices and modes based on a quantum theory informed social world.

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