Publication: Dying Worlds in Austria

The Perspective on "Good Dying" of those Affected

Katharina Heimerl, Barbara Egger, Patrick Schuchter and Klaus Wegleitner have edited the anthology "Sterbewelten: Die Perspektive der Betroffenen auf ‚Gutes Sterben"  that has now been published in the hospiz verlag. The anthology brings together contributions that were written as part of the project "Dying worlds in Austria" supported by funds of the Austrian Central Bank, Anniversary Fund (project number: 17075). IHS researchers were responsible for the following chapters: In one contribution, Alexander Lang describes the "Social Conditions of Dying in Austria". In another he writes about "The Good Dying as a Social Challenge" in the Austrian medial and political discourse. Elisabeth Frankus approaches the "Virtual Dying Worlds" and how dying is being addressed on the internet.

Openly available publications from the project can be found in our institutional repository.

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