New research project: "Against all odds"

The IHS project "Against all odds" has prevailed in an extremely competitive process and is being awarded funding from the new OeAW funding program Data:Research:Austria.

Since 2022, scientists in Austria have the opportunity to access register data for research purposes in a regulated manner. As part of the newly established funding program by the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OeAW), a total of nine projects have now been awarded funding to use microdata to study fundamental societal questions. Among them is the IHS project "Against all odds: The influence of contextual factors on overcoming inequalities of educational opportunities", which deals with the influence of contextual factors on educational trajectories and inequality of educational opportunities. Special attention is dedicated to understanding why some students’ trajectories deviate from what would be predicted given their social background. "Our research builds on a comprehensive dataset that combines educational register data and register-based employment information individual background and family characteristics as well as standardized test scores and contextual indicators at the regional, school, and class level," says project manager Claudia Reiter.

More info on the ÖAW website