IHS Director: Candidates Selected for Hearings

The deadline for the call for applications to fill the position of scientific director of IHS expired on 22 March. In the meantime, the selection committee, specially constituted according to the statutes, has met. In addition to President Franz Fischler, Vice-President Caspar Einem and one representative each from the Ministry of Finance and the Austrian National Bank, the committee also includes three scientists: Regina Riphahn (also Chair of the IHS Scientific Advisory Board), Jutta Allmendinger and Sonja Puntscher-Riekmann. Out of the total of 19 applications, five were selected for hearings. The exact details of the further procedure are to be determined after Easter due to the pandemic; in any case, a proposal for the appointment of the scientific director will be made to the Board of Trustees of IHS by the end of June.