IHS studies on financial education

On behalf of the Ministry of Finance, the Institute for Advanced Studies has published two studies on financial education focussing on women and vulnerable groups.

The study "Women and Financial Education" addresses the pressing financial challenges facing women in Austria. To this end, precise measures are proposed to support and educate women in Austria. The study "Financial education for vulnerable groups" focuses on the development of strategies to support financially vulnerable people, including people at risk of poverty and those with a migration background. Study author Katharina Gangl emphasizes: "In everyday life, people often neglect the importance of basic financial decisions, such as the decision to work part-time or to seek counselling in the event of financial problems. The measures we have developed are intended to support people in making these decisions earlier and more consciously."

All collected data can be viewed in a dashboard at finanzbildung.ihs.ac.at/.

Download the studies: