Documentary "FEMINISM WTF"

IHS sociologist Laura Wiesböck is the protagonist of the upcoming cinema documentary FEMINISM WTF by director Katharina Mückstein.

The film breaks down the variety of topics that will be negotiated under the term feminism in 2023. It deals with many current debates: Why do we always talk about only two genders? Why do women* have to do most of the unpaid housework and child-rearing? Why are capitalism and feminism a contradiction? What does European colonialism have to do with today's ideas of sexual freedom and racist stereotypes? Why do we need feminism to save the climate? And why do so few men actually get involved in feminism? Alongside renowned experts such as Maisha Auma, Nikita Dhawa or Paula Villa Braslavsky, Laura Wiesböck provides expert insight into the topic of gender inequality and explains how traditional ideas of masculinity are linked to violence.

World premiere: 18 March 2023 at CPH:DOX Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival
Austrian premiere as part of the Diagonale Festival of Austrian Film
Cinema release 31 March 2023

Film website FEMINISM WTF