Intersektionalität ist von Gewicht. Forschung zu den Bedürfnissen und gelebten Erfahrungen von älteren LBTIQ-Frauen* und nicht-binären Personen.

Projektleitung: Karin Schönpflug
Laufzeit: Oktober 2022 – Dezember 2022
Finanzierung: EL*C EuroCentral Asian Lesbian* Community

Details nur auf Englisch.

The subject of this project is the collection of information on needs and challenges and experiences of older LBTIQ women* and non-binary persons, to analyze the impact of factors, such as gender, gender expression, sexual orientation and old age in their lived realities. The research focuses on European Union Member States and on socio-economic vulnerabilities for older LBTIQ women and non-binary persons, especially financial and housing issues following retirement, as well as to barriers in access to healthcare, social care, and long-term care as well as the impact of systematic discrimination on mental health. The research also  focuses on good practices as well as individual and collective strategies put in place by older LBTIQ women and non-binary persons, organizations and institutions to mitigate the effect of systematic discrimination and oppressions in their daily lives.