CLIMAS - CLIMAte change citizens engagement toolbox for dealing with Societal resilience

Projektleitung: Elisabeth Frankus
Projektteam: Erich GriesslerRobert Braun, Shauna Stack
Laufzeit: Jänner 2023 – Dezember 2025 
Finanzierung: HORIZON-MISS-2021-CLIMA-02

Details nur auf Englisch.

Climate change is one of the most critical issues to tackle today as it is foreseen to have detrimental social, environmental and economic impacts in the near future. Effective adaptation options will reduce risks to people and nature. If “business-as-usual” is to continue without any changes, studies have found that food, welfare, and industrial production will cease in the next decade. A transition to climate-neutral and resilient societies adapting to climate change situations requires major transformation to citizen engagement and empowerment.