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  • Dr. Elisabeth Frankus

    • Science, Technology and Social Transformation
    Senior Researcher
  • RRI

    Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence


    Gender and diversity

    Participatory research approaches

  • Bild Elisabeth Frankus
  • Elisabeth Frankus holds a PhD in Sociology and a Magister (rer. soc. oec) in Sociology and Educational Sciences, is qualified Prince2 practitioner and has further education in business studies, coaching and training. Since 2008 she has been gaining experience with European projects as project coordinator, evaluator and as content developer in the fields of health, education, economic, public security, autonomous mobility and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). Her scientific approach leads to diverse publications and presentation. Since April 2015 Elisabeth Frankus has been working as senior researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) in the research group “Science, Technology and Social Transformation” focusing on the topics of RRI, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, participatory methods and ethics. She has been teaching quantitative and qualitative research methods as well as digital ethics and business ethics at different univeristies such as the University of Vienna, the Vienna University of Economics and Business, the New Design University, the Univeristy of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and the Univeristy of Applied Sciences Vienna since 2010.

  • Tabarés, R.; Nieminen, M.; Griessler, E.; Hoenigmayer, H.; Blok, V.; Novitzky, P.; Loeber, A.; Frankus, E.; Bernstein, M.; Wunderle, U. (forthcoming): Challenges and opportunities for the implementation and governance of RRI in Horizon 2020: a diagnosis and prognosis. Journal of Responsible Innovation.

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    Frankus, Elisabeth (2021) Virtuelle Sterbewelten. In: Heimerl, K. et al. (eds.) Sterbewelten: Die Perspektive der Betroffenen auf ‚gutes Sterben‘. Esslingen: hospiz verlag, pp. 164 - 179.

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    Since 2010: Lecture in quantitative and qualitative methods at different Universities:  University of Applied Science BFI, Department Work Design and HR Managament, University of Applied Science BFI, Departnment Banking and Finance, University of Vienna, Department of Political Science, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Univeristy of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and New Design University St. Pölten.

    Frankus, E., & Altenhofer, M. (2016, September). "Immediate Help for Refugees in Austria – Possibilities and Limitations". IDIMT-2016: Information Technology, Society and Economy Strategic Cross-Influences. 24th Interdisciplinary Information Management Talks. Poděbrady (Czech Republic), 7–9 September 2016.

    Frankus, E. & Mayrhofer, H. (December, 2014). Restorative Justice oriented Approaches within the Austrian Police: Restorative Justice in Policing Ethnic Minorities, Belgium.

    Frankus, E. & Mayrhofer, H. (September, 2014). Police Oversight and Restorative Justice in Austria: Restorative Justice in Policing Ethnic Minorities -“Police Oversight”, Germany.

    Frankus, E. & Mayrhofer, H. (June, 2014). Alternative Approaches of Conflict Resolution between Police and the African Minority in Austria: Current Possibilities and Limitations & Recommendations for Further Development: Stockholm Criminology Symposium 2014.

    Frankus, E. (Septmber, 2013). Interaction and Conflict Management between the Austrian Police and People with Sub-Saharan African Migration Background under Study. Preliminary Findings of the European Project COREPOL (EU-FP7): CEPOL – Annual international conference, Germany.

    Frankus, E. & Mayrhofer, H. (September, 2013). Alternative Conflict Resolutions between the Austrian Police and People with Sub-Saharan African Migration Background under Study: EUROCRIM2013, Hungary.

    Frankus, E. (May, 2011). Social responsibility at work: ESSIE – Annual Assembly 2011, Belgium.

    Frankus, E. (March, 2011). Lifestyle diseases in Europe – Reduction through education: INTED 2011, Spain.

    Frankus, E. (November, 2010). Beruflicher und sozialer Wiedereinstieg für Menschen nach der medizinischen Rehabilitation: Comeback, Austria.

    Frankus, E. (November, 2010). Integration of Health Issues in Adult Education: ICERI 2010, Spain.

    Frankus, E. (June, 2010). Burnout Intervention Training for Managers and Team Leaders: 10. Europäisches Forum für evidenzbasierte Prävention, Austria.

    Frankus, E. (December, 2009). E-Learning as education opportunity for patients: EDUCA Berlin 2009, Deutschland, Educational counselling during Rehabilitation, Germany.

    Frankus, E. (May, 2009). Learning in rehabilitation: Scientific Conference, Romania.

    derstandard.at Wissenschaft. Forschung Spezial (01.03.2017) Wie die Zivilbevölkerung Vertriebenen hilft http://derstandard.at/2000053325164/Wie-die-Zivilgesellschaft-Vertriebenen-hilft