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  • Dr. Karin Schönpflug

    • Education and Employment
    Senior Researcher
  • Economic indicators of security and stability

    Labor unions

    Economics and diversity with a focus on the socio-economic situation of LGBTIs

    Gender and Feminist Economics

  • Bild Karin Schoenpflug
  • Karin Schönpflug is an economist with a degree from the University of Vienna, Austria.

    She has been a researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies since 2008, before that she was a researcher at Austria's Ministry of Finance.

    Currently, she is also a lecturer at the University of Vienna, at the Department of Development Studies.

    She has also had teaching appointments  at the University of Otago, New Zealand (Economics Department), the University of Graz (Institute for Public Economics), the University of Southern Maine (Economics Department) and the University of Klagenfurt (Economics Department) and in Vienna's and Klagenfurts's Departments for Gender Studies.