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Personen am IHS in alphabetischer Reihenfolge:

  • Jan Kluge joined the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) in 2017 after his time at the ifo Institute in Germany. He received his doctoral degree in economics from TU Dresden. His main research interest is applied regional economics, especially issues of sectoral diversification, growth and instability.

  • Selected publications:

    Illmann, U. and Kluge, J. (2020): Public Charging Infrastructure and the Market Diffusion of Electric Vehicles. In: Transportation Research Part D (forthcoming).

    Kluge, J. (2018): Sectoral Diversification as Insurance against Economic Instability. In: Journal of Regional Science 58 (1), pp. 204-223.

    Kluge, J. and Weber, M. (2018): Decomposing the German East-West wage gap. In: The Economics of Transition 26 (1), pp. 91-125.

    Kluge, J., Markwardt, G. and Thater, C. (2017): Self-preserving Leviathans - Evidence from Regional-level Data. In: Kyklos 70 (4), pp. 594-621.

    Kluge, J. and Lehmann, R. (2013): Marshall or Jacobs? New insights from an interaction model. In: Jahrbuch für Regionalwissenschaft: Review of Regional Research 33 (2), pp. 107-133.



    Policy Briefs:

    Kluge, J. (2020): COVID-19 und der ländliche Raum. IHS Policy Brief 14, 2020.

    Kluge, J. (2018): Das Taxigeschäft im Umbruch - Ein neuer Markt braucht neue Regeln. IHS Policy Brief 3, 2018.