Dr. Jan Kluge

  • Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Economic Structures
Post-Doc Fellow

Regional Economics, Applied Econometrics

Bild Jan Kluge
  • Jan Kluge received his doctoral degree in economics from TU Dresden. His main research interest is applied regional economics, especially issues of sectoral diversification, growth and instability. He was a staff member at the Institute from 2017 to 2022, and remains a Post-Doc Fellow since then.

  • Peer-reviewed publications:

    Lorenz, H., Stephany, F. and Kluge, J. (2023): The future of employment revisited: How model selection affects digitization risks. In: Empirica, doi.org/10.1007/s10663-023-09571-2.

    Kluge, J., Lappöhn, S. and Plank, K. (2023): Predictors of TFP growth in European countries. In: Empirica 50, pp. 109-140.

    Wimmer, L., Zenz, H., Kluge, J. and Kimmich, C. (2023): Predicting Structural Changes of the Energy Sector in an Input-Output Framework. In: Energy, Vol. 265, February 2023, 126178.

    Illmann, U. and Kluge, J. (2020): Public Charging Infrastructure and the Market Diffusion of Electric Vehicles. In: Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, Vol. 86, September 2020, 102413.

    Kluge, J. (2018): Sectoral Diversification as Insurance against Economic Instability. In: Journal of Regional Science 58 (1), pp. 204-223.

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