Student Social Survey (Studierenden-Sozialerhebung)

Team: Martin Unger, Sarah Zaussinger, Anna Dibiasi, David Binder, Judith Engleder, Berta Terzieva, Bianca Thaler, Vlasta Zucha, Nina Schubert, Ilinca Fage, Lena Schranz
Duration: 2018–2021
Funding: Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF)

The Student Social Survey is a survey of students in Austria that has been conducted at regular intervals since the 1970s. The research group "Higher Education Research" conducts the most recent survey during summer semester 2019. Similar surveys are also carried out at regular intervals in other countries in Europe. The international comparison data are used in the Bologna Process and by international organisations like the EU.

Since most of the information collected through the Social Survey is not otherwise available, the report is an important information basis for higher education policy. The objective of the survey is to be able to provide an overview of the study situation and living conditions of different groups of students, e.g. first-year students, students on Bachelor, Master’s or Diploma programmes, Doctorate/PhD students, working students, students with children, older students, students with health impairments or foreign students.

The survey results were published in June 2020: "Studierenden-Sozialerhebung 2019: Kernbericht". Student Social Survey at a glance. (Available in German only.)


Additional reports based on data from the Student Social Survey 2019 (all reports are available in German only):

Additional information on the survey is available on the project website

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