Matura Student Survey 2024

Project Team: Anna Dibiasi, Judith Engleder, Martin Unger
Duration: 2023-2024
Funding: Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF)

In the 2022 Matura student survey commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, the IHS investigated for the first time the central factors influencing students’ plans after the Matura. Another question addressed the topic of how well the Matura students feel informed, advised and supported in their decision-making.

When different characteristics are taken into account simultaneously, it becomes apparent that one’s sense of self-efficacy of being able to successfully complete a degree programme has a much greater effect on the probability of taking up a degree programme than the actual grades. In addition, the influence of the family, the behaviour of the peer group and the degree of information also play a significant role. Furthermore, the study shows that Matura students make many decisions without feeling sufficiently informed about those decisions. From their perspective, the information available often only helps them to a limited extent (results of the Matura Student Survey 2022).

Based on these results the IHS also leads the Matura student survey 2024. In spring 2024, an online survey will be conducted among all prospective Matura students of academic secondary schools and colleges for higher vocational education (excluding schools for people in employment) of the cohort of 2024 in Austria on their plans after the Matura. The survey will take place during lessons (similar to PISA or Kangaroo).