Matura Student Survey 2022

Project Team: Anna Dibiasi, Martin Unger, Judith Engleder, Kathrin Fenz, Chiara Valentin
Duration: 2021–2022
Funding: Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF)

The career and educational choice of Matura students (candidates of the school-leaving examination) represent an important crossroad in the lives of young adults, which falls in a particularly decisive phase of life with a very high density of experiences and is often characterised by uncertainties.

The Matura Student Survey 2022 therefore aims to investigate the plans and motivations of prospective Matura students in Austria, their perception of the decision-making process, their need for information and counselling, and collects sociodemographic data from Matura students and their parents.

In spring 2022, an online survey will be conducted among all prospective Matura students of academic secondary schools and colleges for higher vocational education (excluding schools for people in employment) as well as of add-on courses and post-secondary vet courses (excluding evening forms) of the cohort of 2022 in Austria on their plans after the Matura. The survey will take place during lessons (similar to PISA or Kangaroo).

The results of the Matura Student Survey 2022 were published in January 2023 (pdf in German).