Scientific Expertise on the 'AusBildung bis 18'-scheme (E&T up to the age of 18)

Project Lead: Mario Steiner
Team: Gabriele Pessl, Thomas DavoineAndrea LeitnerSusanne Forstner, Isabella Juen, Maria Köpping
Start: 2017–2019
Funding: Ministry of Social Affaires, Ministry of Education, Ministry for Economic Affaires, Ministry of Youth
Cooperation: ÖIBF

This project provides insights into a broad spectrum of topics that are related with the ‘AusBildung bis 18’-scheme and the related ‚Law on Compulsory Training‘, passed by the National Assembly of Austria in June 2016. Our analyses range from estimating the effects of the program on a macroeconomic level, to research on the needs of target groups as young refugees and persons with a school leaving certificate from a special needs school and to exploring and explaining regional differences in the early school leaving (ESL)-rate. Besides, we analyze relevant supporting measures as supra-company training and youth work. A research focus is set on an innovative school type for vocational education (‘Praxishandelsschule’), thereby exploring factors that successfully help to prevent ESL.

Our first results show vast macroeconomic effects of ‘AusBildung bis 18’, as the levels of qualification of the concerned cohorts will increase. In the long run, millions that will be invested in the scheme correspond to positive effects on the GDP, adding up to some billions. The effects will thus exceed those connected with the last fiscal reform.