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  • Dr. Laura Wiesböck

    • Education and Employment
    Senior Researcher
  • Social Inequality
    Labour Market
    Online Research Methods
    Qualitative and Multi-method Research

  • Bild Laura Wiesboeck
  • Dr. Laura Wiesböck is a Senior Researcher at the equi group. She holds a doctorate in Sociology from the University of Vienna. Throughout her academic career she has also studied, conducted research or taught at Oxford University, Graduate School of the City University of New York, University of Syracuse, University of Ghana and UC Louvain La Neuve.

    Laura Wiesböck’s research interests fall in the field of social inequality with a focus on gender, poverty and labour market. Currently she is the principal investigator of "GigClean - working realities of gig based female cleaners in private households in Vienna" (funding: AK Digifonds) and "CAREDEMIA - Careers of female early-stage researchers with care responsibilities in the COVID19 pandemic" (funding: City of Vienna, Vienna Chamber of Labour).

    The sociologist was granted five prizes in recognition of her academic work: Käthe Leichter Prize 2021, the Austrian national award for women's studies, Danubius Young Scientist Award 2020, honoring scientific achievements in relation to the Danube region, Kurt Rothschild Prize 2019, for original scientific contributions that are made accessible to a broader public audience, Bank Austria Research Award 2018, for promising research projects and Theodor Körner Prize 2016, in recognition of scientific advances.

    In addition to scientific articles Laura Wiesböck regularly communicates research findings and perspectives to the public through media interviews (e.g. Associated Press, Libération, Deutschlandfunk, DIE ZEIT, 3SAT, ORF), her personal social media channels (e.g. Twitter @laurawies) and public lectures (e.g. Diagonale Film Festival, Austrian Parliament, Tanzquartier Vienna).

  • GigClean – Working realities of gig-based female cleaners in private households in Vienna

    Project Lead: Laura Wiesböck
    Team: Mai Linh Angelique Vo, Julia Radlherr
    Duration: April 2022 – November 2023
    Funding: AK Wien – Digifonds


    CAREDEMIA - Careers of female early-stage researchers with care responsibilities in the COVID19-pandemic

    Project Lead: Laura Wiesböck
    Team: Maria Köpping
    Duration: May 2022 – February 2023
    Funding: City of Vienna, Vienna Chamber of Labour




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    Goethe Universität Frankfurt

    Wissenschaftskommunikation  |  28. Februar 2022

    Kunstuniversität Linz

    Scham und Beschämung als Herrschaftsinstrument  | 11. Jänner 2022

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    Einführung in qualitative Interviewmethoden | 12. April 2021

    WU Wien - Wirtschaftspolitische Akademie

    Sprache und Macht: Rhetorische Strategien zur (Re)Produktion sozialer Ungleichheit | 14. Oktober 2017

    Arbeitsmobilität in Europa am Beispiel der Central European Region | 11. Oktober 2014