Reconfiguring research and innovation in quadruple helix processes (RiConfigure)

Project Lead: Robert Braun
Team: Erich Griessler, Elisabeth Frankus, Anna Gerhardus, Johannes Starkbaum
Duration/Start: 2018-2021
Funding: European Commission, Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Grant Agreement no.: 788047

The project will enable the diversification of constellations, institutions and actors in research and innovation (R&I) by engaging stakeholders, enhancing conceptual clarity on new constellations, and disseminating best practices to practitioners and policy-makers.

The project centers on stakeholder engagement in four social labs. In the social labs, actors from research, industry, the public sector, and civil society will explore how each of them can and do initiate and navigate cross-sectoral collaboration in R&I. The project enables the spread of good practices by facilitating dissemination throughout practitioners’ and policy-makers’ networks, and by providing training to key stakeholders.

The project enables the change of R&I governance frameworks at multiple levels by providing evidence on how such frameworks may hinder or help new R&I constellations and by providing dialogue- and learning-opportunities to policymakers.