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People at IHS in alphabetical order:

  • Dr. Johannes Starkbaum

    • Techno-Science and Societal Transformation
    +43 1 59991 302
  • Governance, Publics, Participation, Comparative research, Research and Innovation, Critical Policy Studies, Science and Technology Studies, Sociology, Political Science

  • Bild Johannes Starkbaum
  • Johannes Starkbaum is researcher at the group Techno - Science and Societal Transformation at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS), specialized in the governance of (medical ) technologies and public engagement. He teaches qualitative methods at the University of Vienna and the ECPR Winterschool. Between 2015 and 2017, Johannes has been consultant for the European Infrastructure for Biobanks (BBMRI ERIC CS ELSI. Johannes has been involved in several national and European projects on ethical, legal and social aspects of biobanks and related technologies. He was researcher at the the Department of Political Science and member of the Life-Science-Governance (LSG) research platform at the University of Vienna, Austria. Between 2013 and 2015, Johannes was based at the FAU University Erlangen-Nuremberg in Germany researching the role of experts and publics in emerging biotechnologies.