Study conditions and motives of non-traditional study beginners in Austria, Lithuania and Romania

Project Team: Sylvia Mandl, Martin Unger, Johanna Dau
Duration: 2023
Funding: OeAD (3-IN-AT PLUS)

Using the EUROSTUDENT VII microdata set, this project examines the backgrounds of students who have a delayed transition to higher education, focusing on Romania, Lithuania, and Austria. Delayed transition is defined as starting studies at the earliest two years after leaving school. Only students who complete their schooling in their home country are considered.

In addition to the individual characteristics of those students, their studies as well as their living and study situation are examined in greater detail. The study furthermore explores how studying later in life might be facilitated and what support systems should be available for students with delayed transition, building on interviews with experts from the three selected countries.

Project report in the IHS Repository