Plagiarism assessment at Austrian universities and higher education institutions

Team: Vlasta Zucha, Judith Engleder, Philipp Droll
Duration: 2021
Funding: Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF)
in Cooperation with: Stefan Weber

„Good scientific practice“ affects academic activities as a whole. Prevention, control and sanction of plagiarism is a central feature of quality assurance in academic studies, education and research. Although the check for plagiarism can generally be considered a norm in higher education institutions, an overview about the measures, tools and the organizational embedding of prevention and control of plagiarism was still missing.

This study aimed at compiling such an overview, focusing on the academic output of regular students at Austrian higher education institutions. To achieve this goal, an online survey among higher education institutions in Austria was conducted. This mainly standardized survey was complemented by qualitative interviews with experts and representants of selected institutions.

Subsequently, recommendations for prevention of plagiarism were formulated based on the results of the study and published here (pdf in German).

Project report in the IHS Repository (pdf in German)