Graduate Study of the Universities of Applied Sciences in Lower Austria

Team: Vlasta Zucha, Judith Engleder, David Binder
Funding:  Office of the Federal Government of Lower Austria
Duration: 2020–2021

In Austria, universities of applied sciences were funded 25 years ago. They developed dynamically and in winter term 2019 more than 55 000 regular students were registered at the universities of applied sciences all over Austria. These institutions of higher education have to deal with the challenge to offer studies and qualifications that the labour market needs now and even more so in the future.

The project intends to provide information on study and job conditions. The core topics covered by the graduate study of universities of applied sciences in Lower Austria are study progress, professional experience before and during study, job search, the job situation after graduation and the matching of the study program and the job. The situation of graduates is considered as well as the perspective of employers.

Different data sources are used to cover the wide spectrum of topics: Administrative data is analysed, an online survey among graduates is conducted and focus groups with employers are organised.

Project report in the IHS Repository (pdf in German)