Archiving Data of the Student Social Surveys 2019 and 2015 in the AUSSDA Dataverse

Project Team: Vlasta Zucha, Kathrin Fenz, Judith Engleder, Anna Dibiasi
Duration: 2022-2023
Funding: Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF)

The aim of the Student Social Survey is to collect data on study and living conditions of students in Austria. Most of the collected information is not available through other data sources. By archiving the data of the Student Social Surveys 2015 and 2019 the IHS makes this data accessible for other researchers and students. The data will be available via the AUSSDA dataverse – the digital archive of the Austrian Social Science Data Archive.

The stored data covers the core questionnaire of the Student Social Survey as well as derived concept variables. These allow users to reproduce results of the IHS on the one hand and start the work on the complex data quickly on the other hand.

The data of 2019 contains answers of more than 45.000, the one of 2015 more than 47.000 students. The data was anonymised by deleting selected information, replacing selected variables by concept variables or categorising variables. It is possible to use the data for time series as naming conventions were developed and versioning of variables as well as harmonisation was applied.