Forging Social Scientific Elites? A Survey of IHS Graduates, 1965-2015

Project Lead: Andreas Huber
Team:  Clelia Castellucci
Duration: June 2022 – May 2025
Funding: OeNB Jubiläumsfonds (Project Number 18727)

The project examines the career paths of around 1,000 graduates of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna (IHS) from 1965 to 2015. Since its foundation in 1963, the institute has served as a training centre for the country's intellectual elite and as a recruitment reservoir, especially for universities, financial institutions such as the central bank, higher administration and international organizations. A comprehensive evaluation of curricula vitae as well as the first-time processing of archive material and estates as well as oral history interviews serve as a basis.

Results of our ongoing research are regularly published on the IHS weblog (in German):