Social Research Using Register Data

Project Lead: Stefan Vogtenhuber (IHS), Nadia Steiber (University of Vienna)
Team: Monika Mühlböck
Duration: 2021–2024
Funding: Own resources of IHS and University of Vienna
Cooperation: University of Vienna (Department of Sociology, Team Nadia Steiber)

The project aims at setting up and expanding empirical research in education and employment based on administrative data from diverse registers. This is intended to advance register research in the social and economic sciences in Austria and to make the great potential of the existing data usable for research. The project is a cooperation between the IHS and the University of Vienna (Department of Sociology, Team Nadia Steiber). Members of both institutions can access the data prepared by the project at the Data Service Center (IHS), and the Data Centre (Department of Sociology).