Austria's AI strategy is flawed

New AI tools in image and text editing have brought attention to artificial intelligence (AI) in recent months. Previously, it primarily was a topic for special use cases (narrow AI), but the new tools can be used for a wide range of application areas. However, they are still a long way from so-called general AI. The Austrian federal government responded to the developments already in 2021 and defined an AI strategy - the "Artificial Intelligence Mission Austria 2030".

In general, this strategy offers good ideas, but not much has yet been implemented. The rapid development of ChatGPT and Co. raises a lot of questions, such as how they influence the education system or which social values are at stake. To address this, we need transdisciplinary AI development and approaches that focus on human-centered AI and take ethical aspects into account.

This brings us to the flaw in Austria's AI strategy: the financial resources for mere technical development are already scarce, for transdisciplinary development they are in no way sufficient. In order to bring the Artificial Intelligence Mission to life by 2030, we need not only to define clear goals and implementation steps, but also significantly more public funding.

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