Marcel Seifert

  • Behavioral Economics
Junior Researcher
+43 1 59991 243
Bild Marcel Seifert
  • Marcel Seifert is an anthropologist and behavioral scientist with a focus on behavioral economics. He holds the position of a Junior Researcher in the research group Behavioral Economics at the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS). In his current research projects, Marcel Seifert develops and investigates interventions to increase sustainable investments and stock market participation, particularly for people with lower financial literacy. Moreover, he is involved in a large field experiment to reduce littering in Viennese residential housing. 

    As PhD candidate at the University of Vienna, Marcel Seifert explores behavioral barriers to climate-friendly behaviors, applying experimental approaches. He is particularly interested in the intention-behavior gap, thus, why pro-environmental intentions do not always translate into behavior. Marcel Seifert gained his master's degree (2021) with a specialization in Human Ecology and Behavioral Biology at the University of Vienna, where he graduated with honor. During his master's studies, he was involved in various interdisciplinary projects.