Value of Innovation in Healthcare

Project Lead: Thomas CzypionkaBarbara Stacherl
Team: Fabian Hobodites
Duration: Februar 2021 – September 2021
Funding: Pharmig Verband der pharmazeutischen Industrie Österreich

In many political discussions, healthcare spending is seen primarily as a cost factor. Yet the health care sector not only generates jobs and added value itself, but also contributes to added value through its demand for intermediate products from other sectors of the economy. In addition, there are two further effects: First, individual benefits are generated by health care activities. People receive a diagnosis after uncertainty and a therapy that alleviates or resolves their suffering, enabling them to better participate in society. Secondly, the fact that people become or remain healthy preserves their working capacity. This will be particularly important in regard of the need to adjust the retirement age to developments in life expectancy. The task of the project is to develop a concept for evaluating the benefits of innovation in the health care system that not only covers clinical benefits.