Virtual Reality as a training environment for strengthening social skills to promote team skills in the company (Virtual Skills Lab)

Project Lead: Elisabeth Frankus
Team: Tamara Brandstätter, Anna Gerhardus, Julia Schmid, Robert Braun, Helmut Hönigmayer
Duration: 2019–2021
Funding: FFG Pilot-Ausschreibung Ideen Lab 4.0, project no 22228141

The aim of the Virtual Skills Lab project is to investigate how virtual reality scenarios can be used for managers who train social skills such as empathy and teamwork through interaction with avatars. For the study, a prototype will be developed within a participative design process, in which the relevant needs of users are taken into account from the beginning. Based on the findings of the latest learning research regarding the use of Virtual Reality, the subjective effectiveness of the learning experience will be investigated in a series of experiments. Through the innovative use of AI-based software and an "immersive" design of the virtual scenario via corresponding emotional reactions of the virtual interaction partner, an increased emotional learning experience will be achieved. This represents a significant innovation and improvement compared to existing social skills training offerings.