StartClim2021/22.B: Societal Cost-Benefit-Analysis of investments in sustainable personal mobility in Austria

Project Lead: Kerstin Plank
Team: Barbara Laa, Elisabeth Laa, Günter Emberger
Duration:  October 2021 – September 2022
Funding: Klimaforschungsprogramm StartClim
Cooperation: TU Wien

The objective of this project in cooperation with the TU Wien was to link the strategic land use and transport interaction model MARS (Metropolitan Activity Relocation Simulator) with an economic assessment of investments in sustainable personal mobility by carrying out a cost benefit analysis. Using MARS model, we calculated different scenarios to investigate relationships between investments in sustainable personal mobility and benefits of avoided external costs as well as avoided costs of emission certificates stemming from the reduction of passenger kilometers of motorized private transport. The aim was to both determine the feasibility of this model linkage and highlight the societal benefits of a changed mobility behavior of the population. For this purpose, we included a series of external costs that enable the monetary assessment of air pollution, noise emissions, climate damage, accident costs and effects on health.