Stakeholders Acting Together On the ethical impact assessment of Research and Innovation (SATORI)

Project Lead: Erich Griessler
Team: Marlene Altenhofer, Robert BraunHelmut Hönigmayer
Duration: 2014–2017
Funding: European Commission, FP7 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, grant agreement no 612231

SATORI is a platform for the consolidation and advancement of ethical assessment in research and innovation. The 4-year project aims to develop a common framework of ethical principles and practical approaches so as to strengthen shared understandings among actors involved in the design and implementation of research ethics. To achieve this aim, the project will gather private and public stakeholders from Europe and beyond in an intensive 4-year process of research and dialogue. Ultimately, the project seeks to establish a permanent platform around the framework to secure ongoing learning and attunement among stakeholders in ethical assessment.